Our Kids

The Montessori classroom exemplifies the principles of order and freedom. Children learn more readily in a structured, or ordered,
environment; freedom of choice within that environment also encourages learning.

Order in the classroom is seen in physical order, the order in the design of the materials, the orderly sequence in which the exercises are presented and accomplished, and the child’s orderly use of the materials. A child selects the materials to use and is responsible for returning the materials when done. A teacher or another child will help the child to understand what to
do with the material. By having the freedom to select their own work, interest is readily maintained.

Freedom in the classroom includes the right to choose one’s own work, to work alone uninterrupted, to work with another child (if that is the wish of both), to move about freely and to talk quietly.

The children’s spirit motivates the entire class and the adult influence is on the periphery as guide, mentor and model.