March Newsletter

From Miss Monica’s Class

Dear Parents,

Welcome December and the cold to go with it! The first day of Winter will be on December 21st, and the class party will be on December 22nd.

Throughout the year, when we learn the different topics from our Special Unit, we continue practicing and learning about them as they come up. We talk about colors and insects as we see them and having a season change gives the opportunity to continue what we learned last month. This month, we are discussing about Sea Life.

In Math, we are working on Sequence and Quantities; seeing a number and counting out the amount. In Language, we are mastering our sounds, we are also introducing Initial Sounds (“m”, mom). We also have started writing letters. Parents, please help your child and encourage proper pencil grip, as well as forming the letters (lower case).

December is filled with Holidays and fun! We will be learning about three different ones; (Hanukkah, Kwanza, and Christmas).

Please feel free to share anything you have about Holidays or traditions you celebrate at home!

Thank you,
Miss Monica